Executive Team Alignment

  • Does your team have a clear, shared understanding of its strategy and critical priorities?
  • Are your team members comfortable with constructive conflict?
  • Does your team as a whole come to the right decisions?
  • Is your team spending time and energy on the right things?
  • Why don't your team off-sites lead to meaningful improvement?

Teams are the fundamental building blocks of every organization, and yet most leaders don’t invest enough time in developing their teams to achieve their full potential. Effective team alignment goes beyond mere “team-building” and addresses real business goals by improving how members think and work together.

We help CEOs and senior executives align their teams around shared strategic agendas that address critical leadership and execution issues. We focus on difficult trade-offs (individual objectives vs. collective goals; short-term results vs. long-term performance) and foster productive conversations about the most important things. As a result, teams are better able to understand, support, and execute a focused plan: here’s where we’re going; here’s how we’re going to get there; and here’s why it matters.